Updated / Rankings 1/12/09

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Updated / Rankings 1/12/09

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:37 pm

As of 1/12/09 our Ranking System for posting message to our forum has been Updated. Rankings will change automatically at five different settings, from Newbie to Recumbent Guru. Rankings will appear under Authors Name in all post.

Rankings are as follows:

Newbie: No star: Color / Orange 10 Post
Junior Member: One Star Color / Yellow 25 Post
Member: Two Stars Color / Green 50
Senior Member: Three Stars Color / RED 100 Post
Recumbent Enthusiast: Four Stars Color / Brown175 post
Recumbent Guru: Five Stars Color / dark purple 300 Post

This Ranking System will allow people to know where they and others stand within the Forum.

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