Cruzbike conversion on an OCR2

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Cruzbike conversion on an OCR2 Empty Cruzbike conversion on an OCR2

Post by teacherbill on Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:26 am

Well as I was puttering around the lot doing figure 8s, wondering to my self when I was going to change the wheels out for the skinny go-fast 26ers that I have left over, I purposed that it would be Friday or Saturday. My own plans for the Assault have been put on hold because of a funeral for a church member, so I figured that by next Monday I would be street legal and ready to shift up to a faster speed and definitely back into longer distances.

I put the conversion on my trainer stand so that my youngest son could ride and watch a movie in the garage. Lo and behold standing next to the conversion was my Giant OCR2. I looked at both cross bars and they were almost the same height. Dug out the measuring rod and started figuring. I let my poor over worked mind dream for a bit, then I figured I would ask the "been there, done that" crew. Here is my reasoning. Since the crossbar height is within an inch of being equal this should be an easy transfer, correct? The conversion Giant OCR won't have the "sit-in" feeling as the other Cruzbikes, but because the components are for going-fast, this creation should go-fast right out of the starting gate. Am I correct in that thinking also? Do any of you masters have any suggestions, warnings, etc.?

Yes I will change the pedals to be rat-traps so that I will be able to get my feet back on the ground quickly.


Bill from Vero Beach

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