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Post by Kirk on Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:34 pm

Someone, who shall remain nameless. Made a blanket statement that you can't put a 2.350 wide tire on the back of a Catrike Expedition. I'm glad he said that after I did it. Surprising how things work out if you don't know any better.

The chain doesn't rub the tire when on the big cog. If you keep the new space age neck rest, you can forget having a fender. The tire just fits in between the struts of the neck rest by a fraction of an inch. But if you remove the neck rest, and keep the neck rest clamps. You can use them for the straps on your deck, and have plenty of room for your fender. Replace the Catrike neck rest with a Power on Cycling neck rest. And yer good to go.
I don't find that the 60-559 Big Apple spins up with any more difficulty than my Marathon Racer. It definitly has less rolling resistance, and with a set of 50-406 BA's on the front the ride is downright plush. I measured that big bastard, just to make sure that I had my numbers right. With my 26/39/52 chainrings 11-34 cassette, the Sheldon Brown calculator gives me a G.I. of 20 - 134. OUCH! Anybody have a 22T sprocket they don't need?

The shadow from my underseat bag at the top, and the POC neck rest bracket make it look like the space isn't there, but there is for a fender.
Trust me, I'm a Master Mariner. Would I lie to you? :pirat:
I have a Planet Bike Hardcore ATB fender coming in Tue. As soon as I get done mounting, bobbing it off and putting the mud flap back on with 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive pictures will be forth coming.


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