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Modified Sofrider V1 Empty Modified Sofrider V1

Post by SteveM on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:36 pm

Modified Sofrider V1 1d6c97ca

This the most recent mugshot of my constantly evolving Cruzbike Sofrider V1.

The pedals are the stock resin platforms that I modified with my home-made PowerStraps.
My customised sealed-bearing alloy rat-trap pedals were being modified to fit.

The rear wheel covers are 1/4" foam insulation and are almost three years old now.
They help my top-speed, of course, but they really add stability. A lot of stability.

The seat is my custom-built, form-fitting fiberglass/balsa wood composite structure.
It's unpainted because I enjoy modifying it often....
It's light, very stiff, very strong and it sits 1" lower than the stock seat pan.
It's reclined at 32 degrees.
I love it.

The chain stay is my custom-built design to raise the bottom bracket up to
where I can make some useful power.
It's a composite wood/fiberglass/aluminum/copper structure that is
stiffer than the standard/stock short welded tubular aluminum chain stay.
I love it.

Future modifications?
I don't know.
Maybe a longer swing arm... a new seat with more recline... 700cm wheels....

...and maybe not.

My modified Sofrider is a very, very good bike as it is!
For me, anyway.


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Modified Sofrider V1 Empty Re: Modified Sofrider V1

Post by cplager on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:01 pm

SteveM wrote:Modified Sofrider V1 1d6c97ca

Very cool! Keep the mods coming!

Do you have more pictures/info about the seat? Very cool. Smile

Cheers, Charles


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Modified Sofrider V1 Empty Re: Modified Sofrider V1

Post by BluesCat on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:08 pm


That wheel cover will also keep the squirrels from running across the road and getting caught in your rear spokes!

AND it will keep the mallets out of your spokes if you decide to take up bike polo!



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2003 Specialized Hardrock - "Hardiboi"
2001 Giant Yukon SE - "The Roadley"


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Modified Sofrider V1 Empty Re: Modified Sofrider V1

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